The Vampire Diaries Season 7: Cast Member Huff Has a Striking Resemblance to Dobrev, Things Likely to Get Darker in the Second Half, And More Details

This has been purposely done so that Caroline has ample time to give birth to her babies. According to Dries, even though the twins in her womb are actually a result of magic, they will still be following the normal nine-month development stage.

The next episode trailer has been released already and it shows Damon being resurrected after he was killed by Julian. The Phoenix Stone still has Stefan’s soul trapped in it and an evil Julian is seen, holding up a lighter, in order to burn Stefan’s body. The Vampire Diaries season 7 will return on 29th January on The CW.

Regarding the upcoming episodes, Dries said,” You might be asking, ‘What show am I watching?’ when you turn on the TV. We’ll be dealing with the fallout from the winter finale for a while, both emotionally and plot-wise.” People are already aware that Huff has a pretty vicious character, but at the same time, she has an uncanny resemblance with former lead star of the show, Nina Dobrev.

As a result, a lot of media outlets were wondering whether the inclusion of her character has something to do with Elena Gilbert, Dobrev’s character. In case you are not aware, she was cursed to a lifetime of slumber. However, Caroline Dries clarified that it was merely a coincidence, before any more outrageous theories regarding them, are invented.

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