A First Look at Season 4 of The Originals, 5 Years Have Passed Since the Last Season!

According to TV Line, Julie Plec, the executive for both TO and TVO, said that the writers could not figure out a suitable arc for Kai, in the upcoming season. At the same time, she confirmed that Kai Parker would meet the entire gang, somewhere down the line.

News about The Originals’ delay is quite disappointing for a lot of fans, but this dark cloud has a silver lining as well. With the delay, viewers can settle with the time jump that will take place in the next season. At the same time, writers will get enough opportunity to add the years that have passed by.

During an interview with TV Line, Julie Plec talked about the advantages regarding the fourth season’s delay. When the air date was shifted, the showrunners got the freedom to change the timeline in their favour.

They allowed more time to pass in The Originals while between The Vampire Diaries seasons. It is a good and positive thing since they don’t have to worry about being too close to each other.

The time jump will play a major role in the fate of the upcoming season. It will extend the time that has passed between seasons.

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