Outlander Season 3 Will Be A Totally Different Show, How To Pass Away Your Time Till It Premiers? Let’s See

Season 2 of Outlander is complete, and a lot of fans are wondering what to do while they wait for the third season. After the epic Outlander Season 2 finale, the dust is gradually settling. Fans should be overjoyed to know that the production team is planning for the third instalment in this hit Starz series.

We can hope that this time we don’t have to wait so long as Maril Davis, the show producer recently talked about it and issued a message for the fans.

She told TV Line that she wants them to know how Droughtlander won’t be very long. She wants to keep them wanting more. They will be seeing the characters they know in Season 3 while loving and going on a journey with them.

She hopes that they will stay with them throughout the Droughtlander. At the same time, they can also go back and re-watch the first and second season.  Therefore, here are some handy tips regarding how you can spend your time while waiting for the show to return.

One of the best ways to spend your time goes back to the beginning and start watching the show again. You can relive the entire dramatic story that has been presented so far.

It will help you pass time and also fall in love with all the characters. You can also check out on Season 2 happenings through various blogger recap stories. Outlander has had a major effect on Scottish tourism. Fans are very enthusiastic about taking in the sights which have made the show this awesome.

You can go on a host of day trips along with night excursions which are connected to the Scotland setting of this show. Do you wish to become an Outlander chef? Well, you can try out the fantastic recipe from Theresa Carle-Sanders, Outlander Kitchen chef and based on the show, you can start making your dishes.

Season 3 of Outlander is currently under development, and the performers in this American-British TV series are currently preparing to play their perfect roles in the upcoming third season. According to Sam Heughan, he is trying to make Jamie Fraser, his character, fat.

From the looks of it, he will be making fun of his role in Outlander Season 3. According to International Business Time, he will be playing an older version of himself.

Sadly, he soon revoked the idea thinking that his fans won’t prefer it. Meanwhile, the fans who have already witnessed ‘Voyager’ by Diana Gabaldon might have an idea about the elderly Jamie.

It is where Season 3 will be based. In Season 2, Outlander fans saw an older Claire. It finished when she decided to go to the magical stones located Craigh Na Dun. She wanted to see Jamie after knowing that he survived the Battle of Culloden.

Jamie was still a younger guy in that. During an interview with Vulture, Sam Heughen talked about a snippet in the upcoming Season 3 of Outlander. The third season will focus more on a role in Jamie’s life without Claire’s presence. Therefore, fans will notice more of his emotional state and less of his looks.

According to him, Season 3 will be a completely different show when compared to the earlier seasons. He explained that next year, Outlander would be the most interesting. They have been setting it up and setting the overall stage, introducing new characters on the way while bringing completely new worlds.