Outlander Season 3 Will Be A Totally Different Show, How To Pass Away Your Time Till It Premiers? Let’s See

The episodes and scenes in Outlander have always been rather unpredictable and in season 3, people are speculating that the episodes will be deadlier. A rumoured major character is supposed to die, and fans are wondering whether it will be Claire or Jamie. In spite of all the rumours, it remains unsettled and unconfirmed.

Regarding the scenes, a lot of people are predicting that will be more passionate, bold and fierce. Mail Online reports that Heughen has been seen working out at the gym and considering the events that have unfolded; all the followers are speculating that this preparation is somehow linked to the possible return of Outlander Season 3.

Starz is quite tight-lipped about this matter, but people think that the storyline will be affected by this in a major way, specifically considering Claire or Jamie’s death. Meanwhile, a different post from Parent Herald reported that the characters have been drawing a lot of attention. There are rumours suggesting that Sam Heughan was irritated with Caitriona Balfe being as Claire.

Meanwhile, there are several questions that need to be answered in Season 3. For instance, will Brianna Randall ever meet Jamie Fraser, her father? Will Murtagh Fraser come out alive from the Battle of Culloden? Can Claire find Jamie after she travels back in time?

Stay tuned for answers and updates from Outlander Season 3!