A Detailed Look at The Various Chests Found in Clash Royale, First Major Tournament of the Game Currently Underway in Shanghai!

In other news, the first competitive event for Clash Royale is currently underway in Shanghai. This tournament that has been titled Clash Invitational is being broadcasted by LegoinzNiceTV. The event will run from March to April during which weekly tournaments will be held.

The final winner will be declared at the end of May. That person will be awarded with the title of Clash Master.

A renowned website recently reported that a copied version of Clash Royale has already been created by a Chinese cloner. Apparently, this game features certain Chinese characters in the place of the Clash of Clans characters of the original game.

While Clash Royale features European-style fantasy art, the copied version has a theme which is of medieval China. Readers can check out a screenshot of the game here. Expects are quite surprised as to how fast cloners were able to make a copied version Clash Royale. However, they believe that this game will never be able to match the popularity that Clash Royale has gained in just a matter of days.

The latest reports suggest that Clash Royale is sitting at the second position on the list of the top-grossing games from all over the world. It is currently the most downloaded app from the Apple app store in the United States.

Stay tuned for more update on Clash Royale.