Clash of Clans to Receive Another Major Update Soon, Clan Wars Match-Making Being Reworked to Make Clan Wars Fair!

Amidst the hype revolving around Supercell’s latest offering- Clash Royale, it was reported that the company’s another biggie- Clash of Clans is set to receive an update in the near future. Details regarding the update are scarce at the moment, however, rumors suggest that something big is in store for fans of the popular strategy-building game.

The developers of the game were enquired by fans about an upcoming update for the game on the official Facebook page of Clash of Clans. Supercell replied to the question by stating that a brand new update will be rolled out soon.

It also stated that the developers are currently adding the finishing touches to the update before releasing it. It was also stated that some sneak peeks regarding the update will be released by the company in the oncoming week.

It was previously reported that Supercell will add a brand new troop to the game via an update. However, this update is reportedly scheduled to be released at the end of April.

Some other posts on the Facebook page of Clash of Clans suggested that the developers might bring some tweaks to the clan wars match-making system. Apparently, the developers are aiming to make the clan wars fairer by introducing the changes in the match-making system.

Clans with high level troops and defenses will be matched for clan wars after the update. The tweaks will make sure that lower level clans are not pitted against clans which are much stronger than them.

Many fans have complained that their clans are often pitted against stronger clans which results in one-sided wars with the weaker clans suffering humiliating defeats at the hands of the stronger clans. The update will address these issues and make sure that clan war matchmaking becomes much more balanced.

It has also been seen that inactive clans are often matched against active clans which enables the latter to gain an easy victory. An inactive clan mostly consists of players who don’t attack in clan wars and thus this allows the other clan to just demolish them.

The tweaks in the match-making system will also eliminate the possibility of an inactive clan being pitted against an active one.

After the update, the game will be added with a brand new tweak which is being called the “team-versus-team compositional checks.” It is this particular feature that will ensure fairer matchmaking. The defense will play a more significant role in matchmaking compared to offense.

Supercell stated that after the update is rolled out, the developers will work towards fine-tuning the servers and the new system. This may result in longer matchmaking times till the servers are fully synchronized with the new system.

Reports also state that Supercell might try to reduce the time required for finding matches for clan wars. For this purpose, the developers might remove the option for 35v35 and 45v45 clan wars altogether.

All being said, Supercell also reminded fans that no match-making system can be fully perfect. No matter how much a system is reworked, it cannot yield perfect matches on every single occasion.

The company also added that the developers will keep a track of how fans are reacting to the new changes introduced and incorporate necessary adjustments into the game accordingly.

A renowned website reports that a certain leak has hinted towards brand new troops to be added to the game. These are- Rocketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Chain Lightning. Apparently, these troops will become available to players who are currently in Town Hall 10.

The Chain Lightning troop might also be called the ZapWizard. This troop might possess the capability to do area damage by hitting troops and buildings with bolts of lightning.