A Detailed Look at The Various Chests Found in Clash Royale, First Major Tournament of the Game Currently Underway in Shanghai!

Just recently the makers of the immensely popular strategy-building game Clash of Clans, Supercell, released a brand new game which has been titled Clash Royale. Clash Royale is actually a card-based game that has been set in the Clash of Clans universe.

Players of the game can acquire new cards, gems, and gold by winning battles which awards them with a variety of chests which are- Silver Chest, Gold Chest, Magical Chest, Giant Chest and Super Magical Chest.

Apart from these, the game gives players a free chest every four hours. Let us have a look in detail at the various chests that the game offers.

  • Silver Chests- These chests are silver in color and hence the name. Silver Chests can be obtained by winning online battles against other Clash Royale players. These chests when set for unlocking takes 3 hours to do so. Players can unlock them instantly by spending 18 gems. These chests generally contain gold and cards.
  • Golden Chests- These chests can also be obtained by winning online battles. Gold Chests take 8 hours to unlock. It can instantly be unlocked by spending 48 gems. These chests usually contain more amount of gold and more number of cards compared to the Silver Chest. It contains 1-3 rare cards, which is not found in the Silver Chest.
  • Free Chests- This particular chest is periodically offered by the game to players for free. Players need not do anything for these chests. A free chest is automatically offered to a player every four hours. Two of these can be stored by players at one time. These generally contain four cards alongside some amount of gold. Sometimes gems can also be found in these chests.
  • Crown Chests- The Crown Chest is offered by the game to players every 24 hours. However, unlike the Free Chest, players will not just be able to open it when it is offered. They will have to win 10 crowns in online battles in order to open the crown chest. These contain, gold, a few gems and cards.
  • Magical Chests- These are quite rare and are occasionally given to players after winning an online battle. The striking feature of this chest is that it will surely contain 8-10 rare cards. Not only that, players will also be able to gain a sure-shot 1-3 epic cards from it. Apart from that, the chest contains gold and sometimes gems can also be found in it. It takes 12 hours to unlock a Magical Chest. It can be instantly unlocked using 72 gems.
  • Super Magical Chests- These are even rarer than the Super Magical Chests and can be earned by winning online battles. Players will be able to find a guaranteed 36-136 rare cards in these chests along with 6-22 epic cards. Apart from that it also contains gold and sometimes gems. Super Magical chests take 24 hours to unlock and can be instantly opened by spending 144 gems.
  • Giant Chests- Players will be able to earn Giant Chests by gaining victory in online battles. Gold and cards can be found in these chests. Among the cards, a guaranteed 8-30 will be of the rare genre. Gems are also found in these chests occasionally. 12 hours is needed by a Giant Chest to unlock. To open it instantly players will have to spend 72 gems.

It should be noted that the Magical, Super Magical and Giant Chests can be bought from the in-game shop by players by spending gems. The Magical Chest costs- 500 gems. The Super Magical one costs 2800 gems and the Giant Chest costs- 320 gems.