2016 Toyota Tacoma: Features an Integrated Camera Mount for GoPro, Starting Price Pegged at $22,000, And More

If you can spend thousands of dollars on your new Tacoma, you can surely get the $40 extra accessory and a good action-camera for yourself. Tacoma chief engineer Michael Sweers declared to Bloomberg, “We’re not in the business of selling cameras, and we’re not in the business of dictating to our customers what they have to use”.

According to him, it was a logical move on the part of his company to team with GoPro as it is the usual choice of their customer-base. However, you can expect that a lot of new dealers will be offering the camera as a freebie with the truck.

Meanwhile, in terms of pricing, it looks like the 2016 Toyota Tacoma will be starting at $22,000 for the Access Cab four-cylinder engine variant. Major changes to the Tacoma include the disappearance of a single-cab and the absence of two-wheel drive manual options. Reports suggest that these changes were made in order to make the production line more efficient while building greater number of Tacomas.

Stay tuned for more updated information on the upcoming 2016 Toyota Tacoma!