Roku 4: Set to Demolish Its Rivals, Includes Internal Antenna for Improved Signal Strength, And More

Roku 3 was released back in March 2013 and it soon became one of the best devices to be used for streaming movies and various TV shows from Netflix and Hulu on Television sets. It’s been a long time since we saw a Roku but the developers seem to have been busy as they are about to release the Roku 4.

Roku is aware of the fact that there is a highly competitive market for streaming devices and the new Roku device will have to compete with the likes of devices like Google, Apple or Amazon. During a recent interview, Roku’s CEO Anthony Wood declared that he is quite confident about the upcoming Roku making a market of its own.

According to him, the company strategies will be good enough to stand its ground against big companies like Google, Apple and Amazon and at the same time, it will be more superior to the others. Wood further indicated that business strategies of Roku have been quite successful in the past and the same thing will happen again.

The latest reports indicate that the upcoming Roku 4 will have 2GB of RAM which is a major leap over the 512MB RAM in its predecessor. It is being expected that with RAM as much as that, the device will be able to stream content without any lag.

It will also be able to boot-up faster and will load faster through the navigation screen as well. Other additional features in Roku 4 include stuff like an improved channel store, a superior and more stable firmware, and support for Wi-Fi 802.11 AC and a reset button that is located in the front panel.

Reports indicate that Roku 4 has been under development for quite some time and the company is just waiting for the most opportune moment to launch this device in the market. Rumors suggest that this device will be released during this fall.

If Roku delays further, it will result in consumers pushing themselves away to other brands due to its absence. You should keep in mind that Roku released the first Netflix Internet Video Streaming Receiver Box, which was known as the Roku DVP.

However, we cannot deny the fact that Roku has the largest channel selection which comes with the simplest possible user interface that is intuitive as well. It has a strong base of ardent followers but the company cannot deny that other manufacturers have strategies of their own.

Even then, Roku CEO Anthony Wood is quite confident with the fact that this company’s experience over the years should ward off any threat that they could face from manufacturers like Google, Apple and Amazon. The latest reports indicate that Roku 4 will support 4k streaming and this is an absolute first for a media streaming device.

When the Roku 4 releases, its biggest feature and major selling point would be the ability to stream 4K video content. It will come with all the latest features designed to ensure a pleasurable streaming experience for Roku users.

With better hardware and 4K streaming, Roku 4 is totally armed to the teeth in order to stand out amidst rival competitors. Rumors currently suggest that the device will feature an ultra HD resolution. With wireless technology application, Roku 4 will have an internal antenna to enhance the signal and make things snappy.

Further reports indicate that the company is in talks with several TV manufacturers in order to pair up the Roku 4 right from the beginning. This clearly outlines the aggressive marketing policies that Roku is ready to establish. However, till now, Haier was the only company which expressed its interest in collaborating with Roku.

6 thoughts on “Roku 4: Set to Demolish Its Rivals, Includes Internal Antenna for Improved Signal Strength, And More”

  1. I would like to know if they are going to be able to add a web browser to the new Roku 4? This would be such an achievement if Roku could do this. So many people now stream online website’s for TV viewing. The CBS All Access is nice but they are very misleading, they don’t have all the Season’s on some of their TV series (ex: Criminal Minds this Season 10 they only have 5 episodes out of the whole season 18, 17, 16, 14, & 13) So really their not “All Access” as they state, but if I were to on my web browser I could watch all the prior episodes of the whole Season 10. Doesn’t make sense but that is how it is. Please please add a web browser so that I don’t have to go and buy another computer to hook up to my TV because then I won’t really need the Roku or any other streaming device for that matter. Thank you so much for your help.

  2. If the Roku 4 is a little late… the Roku 3 is still the best combination of player on content available. When they release the Roku 4 it will just take over for Roku 3 as the best on the market.

  3. Does any care about 4K? How much 4K programming is there out there? Granted, that will change in time but it doesn’t interest me right now. Focus on the best experience for people who are using it and don’t become a feature-holic.

  4. The Roku 3 is great for my family. We do not have a 4k set just yet. But it is in the near future. The Roku 4 needs to be more than awesome. An OTA antenna connection would be fabulous too. This would be worth more than Roku could ever dream. Streaming and OTA would decimate the pay TV providers. 4k streaming would be a logical evolution, without it Roku would be no match for pay tv boxes.

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