2016 Toyota Tacoma Competes Successfully With the Canyon and Colorado While People Find the Demo Video Not Realistic, More Information

Meanwhile, GM said that the dealers are selling their trucks not long after they’re delivered. Toyota is making a big push for the Tacoma since there are reports that GM is presently working hard to introduce Diesel-powered versions in a few months, among the dealers.

Disregarding the pressure from GM, the new Tacoma seems to be selling quite well. The new Tacoma doesn’t seem to be looking much different than that of the outgoing model.

Toyota made sizeable amounts changes to its mid-size pickup and it hopes to keep it ahead of various rivals like that of the GM twins. The new model is already in production but the supplies seem to be quite tight.

In the meantime, Toyota released a video showing how the new Crawl Control features will be working in real life but the fans were not at all impressed. The feature appears quite impressive but the fans think that there was some outside help involved from Toyota which ended up dissatisfying them.

When you look at the demo, you will notice that it was done on a slope. The crawl control feature helps it make it off the sand with easily but the consumers have indicated that a part of the success was due to the vehicle being on a slope which finally helped the Tacoma to crawl out easily.

Meanwhile, others remarked that the truck bed on the Tacoma was empty and in real-life, it will not be so. If the truck bed is filled to the brim, the new Crawl Control feature might not work so well.

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