Elder Scrolls 6: Release Date Yet Not Announced, Plot Rumored, More Information

Numerous rumors are doing rounds on the internet regarding Bethesda’s Elder Scroll 6 or Skyrim 2, as it is being called. While Bethesda has not confirmed any of the rumors yet, it could be safely assumed that Elder Scrolls 6 is actually under development.

That the game is under development was confirmed by the Vice President of PR and Marketing at Bethesda Softworks, Pine Hine in an interview with The Telegraph. In the interview, he referred to the game as Skyrim 2 which shoots down any rumors regarding it being based off Morrowind or Oblivion.

According to reports, there have been many requests from fans to make Elder Scrolls 6 a multiplayer game, but since Bethesda hasn’t released a single-player game for quite some time now, it could be assumed that Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be released by the company as a multiplayer game.

In another interview with DualShockers, Pine Hines clarified that fans won’t be getting Elder Scrolls 6 anytime in the recent future. He stated that Bethesda, at present, is working on Fallout 4 and its taking up the whole studio. At the moment, the developers are fully focused on Fallout 4.

It is not the way of Bethesda to work on more than one title at a time by creating teams and thus it is likely that any updates regarding Elder Scrolls 6 will be coming before 2017. Till then, the studio will be busy with the release of Fallout 4, and then its DLCs afterward.

Whether the game will be set in the Elsweyr or the Valenwood is still a debatable issue. There’s also a confusion regarding the title of Elder Scrolls 6. Fans are speculating whether the game would be called Argonia or Redwood or simply Skyrim 2.

There is already a game by the name of The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redwood, and thus it could be assumed that the title of Redwood won’t be used again for Elder Scrolls 6.

In other news regarding the game, it is being rumored that the Thalmor Storyline will continue in the sequel to Skyrim.

Elder Scrolls V brought some major changes to the Elder Scrolls series. The storyline of the previous installments of the series were all set in the days of the late Empire, and all of them were under the rule of Emperor Uriel Septim VII. Emperor Uriel died at the beginning of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The clock was jumped forward by two hundred years in Skyrim. The previous Empire, which was based on the divine rights of kings, had perished and it was replaced by a fragile Roman-style, military dictatorship. This same dictatorship had lost a war and had fallen under the control of High Elf.

Historically speaking, Skyrim is part of the Empire, the High King of which had recently fallen under the grasps of death, and it accepts the overlordship of the new imperial dynasty—The Medes.

The Stormcloak rebels are unable to accept this as they want an independent Skyrim kingdom. This results in a civil war between the Stormcloaks and the Empire in Skyrim, the outcome of which will be determined by the player.

The Empire, however, has not been functioning alone, all this time. A racist and theocratic nation, based in the High Elf Lands of Summerset Isles—The Third Aldmeri Dominion had apparently managed to break loose from the Empire after the death of the Septims, when they took the Empire to the brink of defeat 25 years before Skyrim.