Pokémon Z: Zygarde Is a Legendary Pokémon, Stronger Than Yveltal and Xerneas, Shares a Connection with the Norse Gods, And More News

There hasn’t been an official confirmation from Nintendo regarding Pokémon Z but recent reports claim that in spite of silence from the publisher, the game appears to be more or less confirmed. Meanwhile, a lot of news has surfaced on the internet. Fans currently believe that this title will be released in 2016 and there are some leaked images too.

The latest issue of Coro Coro magazine from Japan clearly shows that the Legendary Pokémon to be included will be Zygarde. There are five different forms of Zygarde in case you aren’t aware. They are a cell, blob, dog, a creature similar to a Snake and the all-new Mega Evolution.

Besides the speculations from Zygarde, there are other speculations which suggest that Xerneas and Yveltal which were introduced in Pokémon X and Y, 2 years ago, will also make an appearance.

These three are said to be a related to Norse Mythology a particular Reddit user explained that Zygarde’s various forms are representatives of Loki’s children. The first is Fenrir, the last one is Hel and the second one is Jormungandr.

PC Advisor further states that Zygarde starts his life in the simplest form as Core Zygarde, which cannot think or move. After that, it evolves into a telepathic cell.

After accumulating 10 percent of cells, it turns into a dog-looking version which can attack by making use of its fangs and move at a speed of 60mph. Zygarde will go through another change when it adopts the snake-like appearance and absorbs 50 percent of the cells around it.

This is known as the Perfect Form and it is the most common look among players which one can come across in the Terminus Cave. The Complete form can be seen once it achieves 100 percent and further outmatches an outside threat as well.

There are also some theories which assume that Yveltal and Xerneas will fuse with Zygarde when they come across each other. This theory explains the blue and red cells on its right and left wings. However, Nintendo is yet to confirm any of these rumors.

Even though there hasn’t been any sort of confirmation from Nintendo, reports on the internet suggests that Pokémon Z will release in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS. In October 2013, we saw Pokémon X and Y releasing. Rumors and whispers of Pokémon Z have already emerged and people are extremely excited about it.

We are currently expecting that Cell Zygarde will be scattered throughout Pokémon Z and we can collect them in order to level up Zygarde to 50%. The present theory suggests that Zygarde hadn’t encountered Yveltal and Xerneas in Pokémon X and Y and this is the reason why we haven’t seen the final form in the previous game.

All of the rumors right now point towards the fact that they will fuse together due to the presence of those red and blue cells, but we cannot be sure till now.

Inquisitr states that Pokémon Z is based entirely on Zygarde which is the legendary Pokémon seen in X and Y movie, besides the other legendary Pokémon Yveltal and Xerneas. It is simple in the beginning, but now it is being predicted that the said Pokémon is stronger than the other two.