OnePlus X: Rumors and Speculations Revealed While the Company Focuses Its Efforts on India, More Information

OnePlus rumors are presently suggesting that the upcoming OnePlus Mini will launch as the OnePlus X. The rumor has once again made it to the news suggesting that the rumored handset will emerge soon.

Reports indicate that the smartphone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor instead of a MediaTek MT6759T processor which was located in the performance benchmarks that were released last week.

According to sources close to the matter to GizmoChina, the smartphone will feature a 5inch display but the screen resolution hasn’t been revealed yet. At the same time, the smartphone is said to be arriving this month as well.

There are previous rumors and leaks which suggest that OnePlus X will come with a full-high definition display with 1080×1920 pixels resolution, 32GB of inbuilt storage along with 2GB of RAM. The AnTuTu benchmark results for the smartphone indicate a major score of 54,311 which is even higher than what was offered by Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

At the same time, it gave us an insight into the relative performance of this device. At the same time, the first leaked images of the OnePlus Mini have also surfaced on the internet. From the looks of it, the device shares a similarity with other devices like the OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2.

When looking at the leaked images, the front panel of this device can be seen alongside another image which shows a fingerprint scanner as well as a dual-camera setup at the back portion. The cameras are also equipped with dual-LED flash module.

A speaker grille is present beside the charging slot, located in the bottom panel of the device. Keep in mind that OnePlus 2 had a fingerprint scanner located on the home button. In the past, OnePlus had already confirmed that it will be releasing more than one phone this year.

Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus declared back in August that a new OnePlus smartphone would be revealed before the end of the year, specifically during the time of Christmas.

From the looks of it, OnePlus is a company that doesn’t lack any form of ambition or ever run short of it. Recently, OnePlus 2 recently started shipping in a slow manner but the company is already talking about releasing another device.

With the rumored Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 included in the device, named OnePlus X or OnePlus Mini, it has the same 32-bit quad-core CPU which was seen in the OnePlus that was seen last year. It is not really outdated, but compared to the flagships of today; the device actually falls in the mid-range, if not the entry-level segment.

The smartphone will further have a 5inch screen and also come with all the mid-range features that are expected. One can expect a 720p display in this device but considering the fact that this is OnePlus, you can expect some more specifications as well.

Presently, people are also talking about a re-designing the OnePlus 2 but people didn’t respond too well to the early renders that were produced. If this turns out to be the real deal, the smartphone doesn’t look to flattering as well.

It comes with a dual-camera and a dual-LED flash setup while having a fingerprint scanner as well. With the rumored price tag of $250, the smartphone should probably not have the NFC feature.