OnePlus X: Rumors and Speculations Revealed While the Company Focuses Its Efforts on India, More Information

For now, people are wondering when OnePlus X will release and what kind of features will it have but will it stand out among all the other rival smartphones from various other companies.

In other news, the Chinese smartphone maker, OnePlus is planning to enter the Indian Market, as one of its top three targeted markets. This has been primarily planned to start shipping out OnePlus phones in large volumes in India and it will further support this move by creating its own e-commerce website next year.

According to Vikas Agarwal, General Manager of OnePlus India, the company is planning to introduce a device by the end of this year. He further indicated that the festive season of Diwali in India, would be the ideal time to release the device.

Agarwal further declared that the device will be launched globally, but India will be the primary market under their crosshairs. According to him, India will become the largest market for OnePlus, among the three markets they presently have.

This is because India is the fastest growing market for smartphones at the present. The other top markets are Europe and United States. Last year, India contributed to seven percent of total OnePlus sales and this outcome was a result of one month of sales only.

During the quarter to March, 40% of complete global sales emerged from India, without introducing any major marketing activities. According to Agarwal, the new phone has been designed to be more of a fashion and a lifestyle product and it is mainly targeted for mass consumption.

Stay tuned for more updates on OnePlus X!