2016 Olympic Games Continue To Draw Criticism Despite Major Highlights

The downfall has also led to an alarming increase in crime in a city that has always been notorious for its violence. Only this weekend four American swimmers, including gold medalist Ryan Lochte, were robbed.

The increased security notwithstanding, the situation is such that many people feel that a terrorist attack would be more welcome than what they face on a daily basis.

The hasty finish of the stadiums, the pools turning green, poor transport services, bad food, the zika scare, network problems, general lack of co-ordination and empty seats have also been duly noted by the naysayers.

With the Olympics’ tendency of being hosted by weaker economies, Creditsafe, the world’s most popular provider of credit reports, released a detailed analysis today of the potential impact of the Games have on the economy of Rio de Janeiro, which says that it can be both positive and negative.

Are you hooked on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games? Who are your favorites? What is your reaction to such an expensive event being hosted by a country so deeply troubled? Post your comments in the section below and stay tuned for more updates!