Winona Ryder Fans Ecstatic About Netflix Series Stranger Things, Role Model for Many Struggling with Depression and Anxiety

Are you familiar with the movies in the 1990’s era? Have a slight inclination towards a rather “goth” teenager from Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice? Yes, we are talking about none other than the beautiful American Actress, Winona Ryder.

While Ryder might not be the most talked about or the most credited actress of her time, that doesn’t suppress the fact that she was and still is one of the most promising versatile actresses Hollywood has ever seen.

The recently released TV series on Netflix, Stranger Things brought a lot of the 1980’s feel back to the present time of 2016. And while the plots and story line, the direction and every other minute technical detail stood out, it was Winona Ryder that grabbed the audience’s attention the most.

Ryder, who played the role of 12-year old Will Byers’ mother, Joyce, has been applauded and credited by several critics for her notable and magnanimous acting skills, which still to this date can take you back to the first time you might have seen “Lucas”.

With alleged rumors of prescribed drug intakes and probable lurking depression, the audience who are familiar with the actress’ acting and appreciate her talent know all too well how important the comeback of the Netflix series has been for Ryder. And for the ones oblivious to it all – well, better late than never.

Back in the days when Ryder started her career, maybe 30 years back, she has always broken stereotypes playing characters, rather than portraying characters that are the typical princess fairy kind of role that prevailed in teenage high school dramas. She has not bound her talent to stereotypical roles and has proven her acting skills to be versatile.

Ryder has performed in various roles in her time on the screen, ranging from scrappy underdog in Lucas; a carefree, radiant and somewhat insouciant free spirit like Lydia from Beetlejuice; focused and determined individualist like Veronica in Heather; and now a frantic yet responsible mother like Joyce in Stranger Things.

While her career is yet again picking up – although it never actually went down, just a halt or a hiatus to rephrase the downfall – she has constantly been fighting her inner demons as well. When asked in an interview with a credible magazine, she put forth her confessions about her inner conflicts on her emotional distress that she has been battling within herself.

Ryder’s parents, although supportive of her passion in acting, had a terrifying concern in the back of their minds revolving around Judy Garland, hoping that their daughter would endure the same fate as her. The fears were not unfounded.

Unfamiliar with the name Judy Garland? Judy was a well-proclaimed actress who sadly gave up her life at the mere age of 47, in the year 1969, due to her addiction to barbiturates and alcohol. Judy was assumed to be addicted to pills even from a very young age and gradually those resulted in her death.

Ryder was born two years after Judy Garland’s death. Although the happenings maybe pure coincidence, the concern and fear is a common and understandable thing for parents.

When Ryder was charged due to shoplifting while prescriptions of drugs were found on her, she was enrolled for drug counselling as a part of her sentence. Hence, since then she has recovered a lot from them, but the process of recovery is still a work in progress.

While many of the Hollywood stars might hold back and suppress their inner conflicts if struggling with any disorder regarding their mental health, Ryder has always been very upfront and transparent about her depression and the struggles that came along with it.