Winona Ryder Fans Ecstatic About Netflix Series Stranger Things, Role Model for Many Struggling with Depression and Anxiety

In recent interviews she had acclaimed that, back in the 1990s when she confessed her drawbacks and struggles with anxiety and depression in a Diane Sawyer interview, some people took inspiration from her bold and courageous move. Others were keen to talk down upon it and de-stigmatize it.

Ryder said that she could only do what her mind wanted and not change the mindset of other people. She has always been very open about the fact that she is not ashamed of her unstable mental health. She also mentioned that she was proud and glad when some of her fans came up to her, thanking her for uplifting their own self-confidence.

Acting comes out better when the actor feels themselves really living as that character. Ryder has mentioned lately that the character of Joyce in Stranger Things deals with anxiety and that she connects herself with the character on certain levels. Well, taking  inspiration from this brave woman is advised.

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