2016 Nissan Leaf: Gets A Larger 30kWh Battery, Current-Gen Variant Shares Best Sales Month with Chevy Volt, And More Details


Right now, we are halfway through 2015 but we haven’t heard anything regarding the second generation 2016 Nissan Leaf. According to reports from InsideEVs, the present generation Nissan Leaf could be equipped with a 30kWh battery pack on the high-end models also offer up to 105 miles of driving range per charge.

InsideEVs also comes with two unspecified dealerships that have been confirmed during this fall. The 2016 Nissan Leaf will come into the market with a 25% larger battery compared to the older 24kWh that is presently used.In accordance with the EPA testing method, this larger battery will allow 105 miles per charge, which is an

In accordance with the EPA testing method, this larger battery will allow 105 miles per charge, which is an upgrade over the earlier figures of 84 miles per charge. The 24kWh pack will be present in the base model of Nissan Leaf. Meanwhile, the SV and SL models will benefit from the 6.6kw fast charger, a bigger battery, along with a CHaDEMO quick-charging port in the SL models.

Coming with the 105 miles per charge, the 2016 Nissan Leaf will have the greatest driving range compared to any other EVs not built by Tesla Motors and this could help Nissan boost its slipping sales.

The year 2014 was a watershed year for Nissan Leaf sales. On top of that, 2015 has kicked off to a slower start for the Nissan Leaf thanks to rival EVs like Kia Soul EV, the Chevy Volt, and the luxurious BMW i3. At the same time, there are also other implications of this move.

In general, automakers don’t tend to make big upgrades like these when a vehicle is nearing a possible upcoming replacement. Many have assumed that the 2016 Nissan Leaf would be the last model before the next-generation variant is revealed.

At the same time, many are wondering if this move is designed to extend the production lifecycle of the current generation model. The next-generation Leaf might not be ready for its big debut yet and it has made Nissan offer this placeholder model instead.

Carlos Ghosn, the Nissan CEO has declared that the next Leaf will offer as much as 150 miles of range per charge and possibly up to 250. In case the replacement model isn’t ready yet, Nissan will have to prolong the life of the first generation model, a bit longer than they expected.

2016 Nissan Leaf

At the same time, Nissan could simply be testing the EV waters, and analyzing how consumers respond to increase battery options. Tesla has offered this aspect right from the beginning and Nissan will possibly move away from its one-battery-fits-all philosophy.


  1. Range anxiety?
    No. I have “Range FRUSTRATION”!
    Bring on the 100+ mile range models, Nissan; I am already concerned that it may be too late.
    Tesla may well eat your lunch and clean your clock….
    But I want you to succeed, so improve the cars and move quickly in doing so.
    Make like Tesla and surprise us on the UPSIDE…

    I have been driving a Leaf for nearly 3 years and 42,000 miles, mainly Bay Area commuting.
    I love the car, but the batter has degraded way too much – it only really gets 50-60 miles on a charge in realistic daily driving.

    The future is all about RANGE, not public charging. If you have range, then you have optionality. If you have to rely on public charging, you will be disappointed – the stations are too often occupied, out of service, or overpriced (check all that apply…). If you have RANGE, you go about your business and charge off-hours at home where your own station is never occupied, out of service, or overpriced. It really is that simple. Tesla has it today in an awesome package; where are you, Nissan?


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