The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.07 Releases for the PC, Contract Guide for ‘An Elusive Thief’ Reviewed, And More Details

On 9th May, 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles along with the Microsoft Windows platform. Currently, Projekt RED has already released the 1.03 patch for this award-winning game in 21st May.

The patch for designed for the PC and drastically improved the game’s performance and graphics options, resulting in more stability. The Patch 1.06 was released soon after Patch 1.03 and PC gamers can expect that Patch 1.07 is coming soon.

Marcin Momot, a CD Projekt employee stated that the latest patch is quite big and it will fix a lot of issues. Marcin wrote about what to expect in the game’s forums and revealed that the company is already working on the next patch update and further added that it won’t be too long before it’s released.

He added, “Cant’ talk about the detailed list of changes, but it will feature A LOT of fixes”. Meanwhile, the PS4 and Xbox Fans are feeling left out as these patches are only releasing for the PC while the console gamers haven’t even received the Patch 1.05 yet.

Sadly, it seems that they will be feeling this way for quite some time. Momot was asked on Twitter whether the patch will release this week. To this, he replied that they won’t be releasing the patch this week.

According to him, consoles have certain issues that need more time to be fixed and when CD Projekt releases a patch, they want it to work as intended. Before asking for more patience on the part of console gamers, he explained that a major patch will release after 1.05 and it is already under development.

The console version of Patch 1.05 will fix several issues in the game, like the gold resetting after 65535 and also a bug that causes Geralt’s clothes to appear dissimilar and also the problem with saving mutagen bonuses.

In other news, a confusing side-quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt known as The Elusive Thief places Geralt on the trail of an Imp. There are little details about the Contract in Novigrad titled “Contract: Imp”.

The quest is for level 13 or more, but it is not too difficult for a player with a level below that. A player above level 8 with proper skills in combat and tracking will be able to accomplish this quest.

During the day, you should head over to the merchant and speak. He will tell you that a giant cat has been looting his and other merchant’s wares and calling it an Imp. Once he provides the necessary information, the game will prompt Geralt to check out the scene of the crime.