2016 Mercedes Benz GLC: Specifications and Prices Announced, Vehicle Heads Off Road, And More

If you’re going fast, you need to stop quickly too! The 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC’s braking prowess needs to be applauded. Despite the huge size and commendable top speed, this SUV has an incredibly small stopping distance.

The nine-speed automatic transmission system does a sweet job of downshifting when you’re adjusting the speed of the vehicle, ensuring that you’re always at the best RPM range! This gives you a smooth cruising ability while ensuring that you have the maximum power at your disposal.

Mercedes Benz is aware of the market needs, courtesy their experiences with the G-Wagon, which is still one of our favorite SUVs on the road. The GLC mix and matches performance with sheer ruggedness and style.

However, how good is the vehicle off-road? I’m sure many of you have a similar question in your minds. The guys at Edmunds recently took the 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC out on an off-road track and the vehicle was surprisingly comfortable with its surroundings.

The GLC was tested on grades as steep as 36 degrees where the vehicle mostly travelled on three wheels, which is surprising as no mass-produced stock luxury SUV can take on such a pounding. However, if you plan on heading out to such steep grades remember that the bumpers are designed to handle grades up to 28 degrees. You wouldn’t want to scratch the paint!

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