2016 Mercedes Benz GLC: Specifications and Prices Announced, Vehicle Heads Off Road, And More

The 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC is the latest offering from the luxury brand that plans on taking on the behemoths in the class, read the Audi Q5, Nexus NX and the BMW X3, with their new SUV.

The GLC is based on latest technologies, which have been tested on the modern day C-Class vehicles, and as a result is more powerful and light weight than the GLK, which it replaces. The vehicle is powered by a 241 BHP displacing four-cylinder, turbocharged engine block, secured to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Mercedes Benz claims that they will be offering a range of three transmission systems with the 2016 GLC and the nine-speed automatic is he first to be unveiled. Mercedes Benz plans to launch the hybrid variant in 2016 and a diesel version by November this year.

If you’re expecting something of a well-built boxy design on the GLC, prepared to be astonished! Unlike the GLK, the GLC is somewhat more aerodynamic and visually appeasing. By naming the vehicle GLC, Mercedes Benz has accomplished two major tasks. First of all, the vehicle is a part of the historic ‘GL’ class SUVs and secondly, they are designed to match the finesse of the ‘C-Class’.

Mercedes Benz claims that at least 70 percent of the GLC is borrowed from the C-Class. Hence, the vehicles share more than just a name. For example, the standard engine block powering the GLC 300 is lifted directly off of the C 300.

The 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC is also the first SUV to feature an adjustable pneumatic air ride suspension, which Mercedes Benz refers to as Air Body Control. The vehicle is capable of controlling the air pressure, which hardens or softens the ride, depending on the driving condition.

While the standard rear-wheel drive powered version of the GLC 300 costs around $38,950, the 4Matic all-wheel-drive powered variant should set you back by $40,950. Opting for Air Cushions will set you back by another $1,610 on either variant.

Mercedes Benz is yet to announce the US pricing of their GLC 250, although, we expect the company to make a formal announcement soon. Despite its height and weight, the 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC is a pleasure to drive on the open road. The vehicle is surprisingly smooth and agile on the freeway.

Even though the acceleration is not at par with the hyper-cars, you will not miss a bigger engine block, read V6 or V8, when driving! Mercedes Benz has worked on improving the finesses of the overall vehicle, which was flawless to begin with! Hence, the cabin is now quieter than the GLK, which means that the occupants will be in a better position to enjoy the audio surround system!

Numerous driving modes have been incorporated to the vehicle, depending on which the GLC automatically adjusts itself. You have the Eco Mode, Comfort Mode, Sport & Sport+ Modes and the Individual!

On Eco and Comfort, the suspension is softer while the general settings are relatively relaxed. It is perfect for casual cruising and maximum fuel economy. Enter Sport and Sport + Modes. When selecting these, the GLC automatically transforms into a sportier machine, giving you a heightened sense of feel.

The Air Ride Suspension kicks in, reducing the suspension play by 0.6-inches, which calls for a smoother ride at high speeds, without the possibility of a body roll. The final setting, known as Individual, is similar to the Sport + feature, except that it offers you to mix and match all the settings as you like. For example, you could opt for a more comfortable seating arrangement than the standard Sport Mode while selecting the performance range of Sport+!