Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Prices Slashed By 10%, Latest July Update Addresses and Brings Major Improvements to the Surface Line-Up, More Details

Microsoft recently released the download link for their July 2015 firmware and drivers pack which is targeted at Surface Pro 3 tablets. This includes a new audio version which further brings an improvement to the Cortana Experience designated for Windows 10 platforms. Furthermore, this new update also brings a USB driver version 10.0.10125.31214 and this further improves the system power usage.

Intel’s HD Graphics Family driver is also improved which further brings stability and performance enhancements on Windows 10. In case of installation, the latest update can be applied automatically through Microsoft’s Windows Update service. It can also be achieved by manually downloading and installing the release.

However, keep in mind that you might not receive this update immediately this package will be provided to customers in different stages with the help of the Windows Update Service.

However, rest assured since Microsoft has already ensured that all Surface owners will get this update on their devices, on some time or the other. If you are really wanted to get this update, we suggest that you save the downloadable archive and then apply it to your Surface tablet. However, you should remember that this device needs to be powered by Microsoft Windows 10.

Microsoft issued firmware update for its most recent Surface models like Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Pro 3 (4G LTE). However, in the beginning there was a little dilemma when users complained that they couldn’t install them since these updates were shipped on Thursday in non-working format.

Microsoft finally updated this release on Friday through documentation and now we know what is actually present in these updates. The Surface Pro, Surface RT and the Surface 2 did not get any July updates. The System Firmware Update – 7/23/2015 was provided to the Surface 3 and this resulted in certain changes.

Surface UEFI update (v1.50410.78.0) adds features to display and add a system assist tag along with support for Surface cover during the PXE boot. Meanwhile, graphics performance and stability has been improved, thanks to the HD Graphics Family driver update (v10.18.15.4248).

In the 4G LTE version of the Surface 3, System Firmware Update – 7/24/2015 was introduced and this brought with itself changes of its own. The mobile broadband network connectivity was improved with the Surface UEFI update (v1.50410.218.0).

The USB 3.0 Host Controller Adaptation driver update (v603.9600.2588.2097) also improves the mobile broadband network connectivity. The USB Composite Device driver update (v2.0.268.0) and Surface CoSAR driver update (v2.0.270.0) also brings the same improvement. The Surface_IA7260.inf update driver will refresh product software signing and ensure the deliverance of future updates.

The System Hardware Update – 7/23/2015 was added to Surface Pro 2 and the following changes were added with it. Windows 10 Graphics and stability was improved with the HD Graphics Family driver update (v10.18.15.4248). There was a problem when Surface Pro 2 would wake from sleep by itself and this has been remedied by the Surface Integration Driver update (v2.0.304.0).

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Besides the tablets, the discount also applies to the Surface 3/Surface Pro 3 tablet bundle. If the buyer purchases Surface Pro 3, he will receive a Type Cover and a Docking station while getting the whole bundle for £899.10. The original price of the bundle in PC World is £999.