2016 Apple MacBook Pro Release Date Delayed To Next Year, Mac Prices Increase In Various Countries!

The 13inch MacBook at the present has a high-resolution display and a good-looking chassis and reports suggest that the release of the next model has been pushed back to November next year.

The 2016 version should be thinner than its predecessor while including an updated keyboard. There are reports which indicate that the 15inch Retina MacBook Pro could be refreshed along with all the other offerings in the MacBook Pro line-up.

In other news, Apple has raised the price of various MacBook products, namely the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Mac Pro in New Zealand, Norway, Mexico, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand,  Brazil and Australia in this week. This is because the values of foreign currencies have started to fluctuate with against the present US Dollar.

Earlier, The MacBook Pro was available in New Zealand for a price between NZ$1,399.00 and NZ$1,799.00 but this has presently been increased to NZ$1,599.00 and NZ$2,199.00. Meanwhile, in Brazil, the MacBook Air was available for a price of R$ 5.899,00 and R$ 7.699,00 but it has now increased to R$ 8.499,00 and R$ 11.499,00.

Stay tuned for more updates on 2016 Apple MacBook Pro!