2016 Apple MacBook Pro Release Date Delayed To Next Year, Mac Prices Increase In Various Countries!

The rumors involving 2016 Apple MacBook Pro has been going around in the internet ever since Apple had that media event which took place around a month ago and this device was not at all mentioned in it. It has been rumored that it will release this month but nothing has been declared from Apple, as of yet.

All the known laptop manufacturers have already revealed and launched their laptops in the market. Microsoft did its part a few days ago and presently it is only Apple that hasn’t released anything yet. Ecumenical News reported that although Apple is keeping quiet about it, we should expect it to release sooner.

The present rumors regarding the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro indicate that it will be released before the year ends and the timing should coincide with the Christmas Holiday season. In the meantime, users will get hold of the actual unit by next year.

Across various retail stores in America, you will find that the older model is available on shelves, which clearly indicate that a new variant is coming, as reported by Neuro Gadget. Some people say that Apple has delayed the release of the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro due to the launch of their 12.9inch Apple iPad Pro and most regard this as a good move.

However, others are saying that is probably because of Intel. The latest processor from Intel hasn’t reached production stage yet and the Cupertino giant is currently waiting for those processors to be installed in their newest laptops, which in turn, is causing the launch delay.

Meanwhile, other rumors indicate that the new MacBook Pro will be 13 or 15inches, equipped with the latest Intel Skylake-U-Processor. It will sport a better battery management system, feature Force Touch Technology, a Type-C USB port, bigger RAM than its predecessor and running OS X El Capitan operating system.

The 13inch variant of the MacBook Pro 2016 will have a price of 1500 dollars and this should make it compete directly with the Microsoft Surface Book, which is priced at $1499. Reports indicate that the recently announced iPad Pro will launch in November and this is probably the main reason why the launch of the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro has been delayed.

Apple is probably concerned that the MacBook will eat up into the sales of the iPad Pro due to which the launch of this device was pushed back to next year. The new 2016 Apple MacBook Pro should also have a Nvidia GTX 950 when it is launched.

Apple has not confirmed any details of this upcoming tablet but reports indicate that the new variant will come with some features that were present in its predecessor. If the timing is correct, Apple should have more than enough time to properly combine the nanochips with the 2015 Apple MacBook Pro.

People who are expecting the 2016 version to come sooner are in for a major disappointment, however, the new iPad Pro is being marketed by Apple as the most powerful tablet yet. The MacBook Air 2016 could use Skylake processors like the 2.4 i5-6300U and 2.3 GHz i5-6200U chipsets and this should come as a perfect fit for the low-end MacBook Air laptops in the market.

Most think that it would be a complete mistake by Apple to boost the hardware specifications like it did with the previous generation MacBook offerings. Right now, the company needs to deliver a product that comes with a markedly improved display and incorporates a new industrial design as well.

The device should be a direct competitor for the Surface Pro 4 while crossing the limited boundaries of modern day laptops. The fans of 2016 Apple MacBook Pro have been patiently waiting for it to release but other who are looking to get new laptops are choosing from what is currently available in the market right now.