19 Kids And Counting: Jill And Derick Post Photos, Thanks Fans For Their Support, And More

While Jill had 15 younger siblings and has had a lot of training when it comes to changing diapers and taking care of babies, Derick hasn’t had such experiences with pooping and burping. The 23-year-old claimed that her husband is quickly learning the ropes of it.

26-year-old Derick was spotted changing diapers like a champion, only two hours after his 23 inch long, 10 pound baby boy was born! Jill has also revealed in the interview that Derick has learned how to burp and bathe infants as well in a very short time.

Derick said in a statement that he is learning things rather fast but is exhausted. This exhaustion might have resulted from the fact that Jill’s delivery didn’t go as planned. She had been rushed to the hospital, and fans claim that she might have had a Caesarean.

Photos reveal that Derick is wearing a scrub, which might be required in case there was a C- section. Some fans also claimed that the baby has a nicely shaped head, which indicate a C-section again.

Fans have to tune in for the next episode of 19 Kids and Counting to find out what had happened.