Zooey Deschanel Is Back in New Girl Season 5, Fans Disappointed at Megan Fox’s Exit, Fox Likely to Come Back for Finale!

The synopsis for the next episode states that Jess will help Cece move into the loft from her old apartment. Jess has a lot in hand since she has to work on the budget for the school by the morning, which the new school principal (Elizabeth Berkley) had forgotten to inform her. The show is now going to start building towards the wedding day of Schmidt and Cece and the drama that will be associated with it.

Econo Times reported that fans had expected Jess and Reagan to meet each other before the latter left the loft, but that never happened. There was a feeling that the two would get into each other’s bad books since Reagan had ended up kissing Nick (Jake Johnson) after Jess and Nick had decided to give their relationship another shot.

However, Brett Baer, the producer of New Girl Season 5 wasn’t very keen on this story line. He said that he wasn’t writing a story where two women will be at one another’s throat as that would ruin the charm of the story. Hence isn’t of bringing things all out, they made everything play out inside Nick’s mind.

There are chances that Cece and Schmidt wedding might see Reagan and Jess meeting each other for the first time. There are, however, no official confirmation on this even though fans are urging the showrunner to make this happen.

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