Zooey Deschanel Is Back in New Girl Season 5, Fans Disappointed at Megan Fox’s Exit, Fox Likely to Come Back for Finale!

New Girl fans are super excited since Zooey Deschanel is going to be back in Season 5 of the series. The actress had taken a maternity leave after the first episode of New Girl Season 5 and fans had flipped out thinking that she had left the show for good.

Things became worse when the show roped in Megan Fox for a new character in the show. The fans rallied against this decision, even stating that they will boycott the show if Megan Fox was cast in it instead of Zooey Deschanel. There were fans who claimed that Megan Fox isn’t a good choice for the comedy series since she doesn’t have comic timing.

However, Ecumenical News reported that Megan Fox turned out to be a complete laugh riot. She was said to play the role of Reagan, a medical representative who was new to the city and take Jess’s (Zooey Deschanel) room that the guys lease out when she is away on jury duty.

Liz Merriweather, the showrunner of New Girl Season 5 had gone to record to state that they knew that they wanted Megan Fox for the role of Reagan, but had thought that the team will have to work hard to bring out her comic timing.

Instead they were surprised at the fact that Megan Fox was hilarious. Merriweather confessed that she had never thought that a beautiful woman could be so funny.

Max Greenfield who plays the role of Schmidt on the show had also informed the fans that they would love Megan Fox. He said that she was so funny in some of the scene that it would be difficult to maintain a straight face when Fox would be delivering her dialogues.

Now when the news of Zooey Deschanel has surfaced, fans of New Girl Season 5 are a little sad. They have become fond of the character of Reagan and hope that she continues in the series even when Deschanel’s Jess is back.

The fans are hoping that they will get to see more of the character in the series even though her story arc has been completed. Since Schmidt and Cece (Hanna Simone) are expected to get married towards the end of the series, fans are hopeful that Megan Fox’s Reagan will be brought in for the occasion.

According to Vine Report, there was a general sentiment that the show will flop without Zooey Deschanel, but that never happened. It continued perfectly fine thanks to Megan Fox. With the viewers appreciating her, there is a chance that Megan Fox might be roped in for the show once again in the future.

With Jess away for the major chunk of the season, the rest of the season is going to continue to shift focus away from her. The other characters and their dynamics will be carried forward even though the main character is back into the picture.

Yibada states that fans do not want Jess to be in the focus anymore since that will keep room for the return of Reagan. Jess is no longer the new girl and hence doesn’t enjoy the privilege of being the focus of the show.

The absence of Deschanel helped the showrunners explore a different angle of the New Girl and they saw how successful it was and are likely to continue in the similar fashion for the rest of the season.