Yet Another Version Of A Runaway Bride Made Into A Movie, Happy Bhag Jayegi Is Set To Leave A Smile On Your Faces After You Leave The Theatre

What better way to spend your weekend than indulging and treating yourself to a good romantic comedy movie? Call your friends, gather around and meet in the closest theatre to catch up on the latest movie Happy Bhag Jayegi, which has left its audience walking out of the theatre with happy smiles on their faces.

The movie is directed by Mudassar Aziz and produced by Anand L. Rai and Krishna Mulla. It stars Diana Penty, Abhay Deol, Jimmy Shergill, Ali Fazal and Momal Shaikh in the pivotal roles. The movie was released on 18 August 2016 and has received positive feedback.

The movie has witnessed a pretty positive response within the first week of release despite the stiff competition from Akshay Kumar’s “Rustom” which is still running pretty strong in the theatres. Happy Bhag Jayegi, however, has already made an incredible opening and is close to the 20 crore mark in its first-week completion.

The exact six-day domestic box office ticket sales have lead to a business of Rs. 15.78 crore, and the sales are still going strong. The movie, which was put together on a budget of around Rs. 17 crore, is expected to do great business and stand out as a hit in the box office.

Happy Bhag Jayegi is set around the story of a runaway bride which is portrayed by Diana Penty. Through the turn of events she lands herself in further problems when she travels to Lahore, Pakistan accidentally.

But it looks like the Pakistan censor board is not very keen on the release of the movie, because the movie has been banned in the country without any proper explanation or reasons.

The director Mudassar Aziz wrote an open letter to the board members of the censor board demanding a valid reason behind why the romantic comedy Happy Bhag Jayegi was banned in their country.

According to reports, the director has been nothing but humble in his open letter and pointed out how people misjudge Pakistan as a hostile place, while in reality it’s the complete opposite. He further stated that Pakistan is a land of limitless potential and bright, eager minds.

But when the news about the ban came across to the director, he was left baffled. He says that there is nothing in the movie that portrays any negative aspect of the country; rather it is the complete opposite.

Aziz demanded the censor board members to show the film to any commoner in Pakistan and then let them decide if there was anything that might appear as offensive to them.

The director even stated that for any person who loves his family, strives for his daily bread, loves his cricket and anything else that a normal middle-class man does, this movie is certain not to disappoint. He even emphasized that if one person in Pakistan feels offended, his apology letter to them will be even longer than his open letter.

After a four year long break, Diana Penty is back on the big screen to showcase her talent yet again. In a recent interview she talked about her hiatus of four years and her thoughts and expectations from the upcoming movie.

When asked about the struggles of playing a Punjabi girl in the movie, Diana Penty said that it was not easy and that a lot of hard work has gone into her portrayal of the character.

She further added that she had to do a lot of research and that she even spent a few days in Amritsar, Punjab and interacted with a few local girls to grasp their way of speaking and accent.