Kylie Jenner Bounces Back From Food Poisoning, Kendall Smolders In Vogue Cover, Jenner Sisters Promote New Collection

Being down with food poisoning can be no reason for Kylie Jenner to drown in puddles of tears, can it? Surely not, as can be seen from the peeks they are offering into the upcoming SS17 Kendall+ Kylie collection.

Kylie Jenner teased the new Kendall+ Kylie keychains on her favorite social media handle, Snapchat. They are fabulous although initially they may appear to be different from what had been churned out previously.

The keychains are modeled after the sisters’ dogs Norman, Bambi, and Odie, and are very precious to them like they were last time. But they are more vibrant than the previous lot, in pastel blues and pinks, keeping in tune with the spring time.

It is not known when they will be released, but it’s expected they will cost approximately close to the $95 per piece which they did last time.

In addition to the keychains, there are purses, new clothes, and sneakers – a surprising departure from what would be associated with the Jenner girls. And the sneakers are cool – monochrome, knitted with tiny yet jazzy patterns.

In spite of all these fabulous things that she is treating her fans to within Snapchat, Kylie Jenner is not satisfied. As already mentioned, she had let known that she was down with food poisoning over the weekend, when she released some videos lying on her bed without wearing any make-up.

And she thinks that may have led to a compromise in quality of her Snapchats.

And while she feels that she is not looking as sexy as she is used to, it has not stopped her from getting out of her house and getting her nails and her eyebrows done the moment she could. And from posting a racy pic in a crop top and high cut underwear.

Not only that, she has even been a part of a Kendall+ Kylie photo shoot, and visited the set of her boyfriend Tyga to play golf with him and his three-year-old son.

Speaking of photo shoots with her sister, she has appeared in the very issue of Vogue whose cover has featured her elder sister Kendal. The sisters are there in the September 2016 issue of Vogue alongside another celebrity sibling couple, Willow and Jaden Smith, and Zendaya.

While in the cover Kendall is sporting an ornate Gucci pantsuit with gold details and pink ribbons, she is not wearing a blouse underneath it, as was done by the model who appeared in it in the ramp. Inside the covers she is there in a Proenza Schouler dress as well as a Maison Margeila red dress.

In the issue, Kylie also is there in a red Gucci dress with frilly shoulders. And two days back, Kendall shared a sexy image of her in black swimwear which did not make it to the final cut of the magazine.

Their brand may not be the only things the Jenner sisters are promoting though. They, along with Khloe Kardashian, teamed up with The Real Real to sell things from their closets. On the list is the custom-made Versace bag that the team gifted Kylie on her 19th birthday less than two weeks ago.

The 228-piece collection is dirt cheap, with a red Celine bag, originally priced at $4,550, coming for $1695. Many of them have not even been taken out of the original package!

The sisters continue to appear all over the place, with Kylie being super busy posting photos. She recently posted an adorable one featuring the younger selves of herself and her sister Kendall.

In the photo, the two young girls are in identical striped dresses and matching black boots, with Kendall topping it off with a pink Kangol hat.