WWE 2K17 Artwork at E3 2016 Reveals 3 Superstars for The Game, Two Versions of Goldberg to Be Available to Those Who Pre-Order the Game!

The pre-order bonus does not end here as it has been announced that fans pre-ordering the game will also be receiving two exclusive arenas. They are- WCW’s Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc.

Other sources have revealed that the WWE Tag Team Champions- The New Day are of the opinion that they should feature on the cover of the upcoming game. Big E, who is a part of The New Day that it would be right if the cover of WWE 2K17 featured him and his partners- Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

The New Day is the reigning Tag Team Champion of WWE at the current moment. They are currently in possession of the championship for more than 200 days.

Paul Heyman, on the other hand, believes that the cover of WWE 2K17 should be graced by the presence of the Beast himself- Brock Lesnar. However, since Brock is booked for a UFC fight in the recent future, it is unlikely that 2K would place him on the cover of the upcoming game.

Just in the recent, it was stated by Damien Sandow that the cover of the upcoming game should feature the WWE universe as nothing would have been possible without their presence and support.

If the developers do not come forward with some concrete news regarding the matter, it cannot be stated for sure as to who would feature on the cover of WWE 2K17.

WWE 2K17 will hit the market in October.

Stay tuned for more updates on WWE 2K17.