WWE 2K16: Rumors Regarding New Characters Surface, Major DLC Updates, More Information Here

A multiplayer desync issue in relation to breaking out a pin has been fixed. There were some issues in bringing up the On-screen keyboard when in the online lobby but they have been fixed with the latest update. The submission timing between minimum and high spec machines has been tweaked.

Right now, the in-game manual should be visible when choosing manual from the Options menu. The stability issues on WrestleMania 12 and 29 arenas have been fixed. The mask and glasses and hair textures have been fixed as well.

Presently, there is a more substantial rumor that states footage of JR and King capturing audio has been revealed. It seems to point in the direction of Austin’s match with Shawn Michaels at the 1997 King of the Ring. Also, his tag team match alongside Michaels, against the Legion of Doom, will be in the game.

Stay tuned for more updates on WWE 2K16!