WWE 2K16: Rumors Regarding New Characters Surface, Major DLC Updates, More Information Here

Ever since its announcement, WWE 2K16 has faced various speculations and rumors regarding the characters to be seen in the upcoming title. A recent rumor has suggested the possibility of WCW wrestler Goldberg making an appearance in the new game. A Twitter user earlier posted that Goldberg was confirmed for WWE 2K16. Sadly, the post was taken down before a screenshot could be taken.

However, this isn’t the first time that Goldberg has been made the subject of a major speculation and he once declared in an interview that he was being politically correct since he was waiting for a WWE video game.

He further declared that he has already talked with the people concerned and revealed that his son wants to see him wrestle in a video game. In WWE 2K14, Goldberg was an unlockable character. Right now, Goldberg is a superstar wrestler in WCW and has a record of being unbeaten in several matches.

In his recent interview, it was revealed that he doesn’t want to be critical of the WWE franchise just because of his interest in WWE 2K16. WWE 2K16 will release in October 2015. The WWE 2K15 PC owners will be getting a DLC soon. The current PC owners of WWE 2K15 will receive all the DLCs that have been made available for console gamers.

It was further clarified in the Steam page that the game has been updated and all the latest DLCs added. The DLC for WWE 2K15 includes the latest NXT, WCW packs, moves packs along with three 2K Showcase storylines. However, the Paige DLC will remain a console exclusive and will not be introduced on the PC platform. However, players can simply down her mod. Right now, the following DLCs are available for WWE 2K15:

  • WCW Character Pack
  • NXT Arrival Character Pack
  • New Moves Pack
  • Accelerator
  • Showcase: One More Match
  • Showcase: Hall of Pain
  • Showcase: Path of the Warrior

Also, the number of save slots has been increased from 25 to 50. The performance has been increased on minimum specs machines and Vsync issues with chain wrestling have been fixed. The issues occurring when plugging or unplugging a controller after the title is boot, has been fixed.

Also, an inconsistency between keys binding for taunt maneuvers in Input Settings and Move Set menu has been fixed. In the Online area, the soft crashing issues when loading the leaderboards have been fixed.