WWE 2K16: A Host of New Packs Currently Available for Download, Legends Pack Brings in Hall of Famers Like Dusty Rhodes and Boss Man to The Game, More Details!

In other news, a funny video of a kid throwing quite a fit for receiving the WWE 2K15 instead of the WWE 2K16 for Christmas is doing rounds on the internet.

The kid had apparently wanted a brand new copy of the WWE 2K16 video game for Christmas. He ended up receiving the 2K15 which made him burst out in a temper tantrum.

The video which was reportedly shot by his sister was uploaded to her Twitter handle @_mayraduarte. It shows the kid opening the gift and just as he is about to begin his celebrations for thinking that he received the WWE 2K16, he realizes that it is actually the WWE 2K15.

Instantly his expression changes and he starts shouting at the person shooting the video, which apparently is his sister. He expresses in a state of shock, “You bought me 2K15 instead of 2K16?”

The person holding the camera tries to explain that the 2K16 was out of stock but it falls upon deaf ears as the kid continues with his tantrum for receiving the wrong gift for Christmas. The video went viral after it was uploaded and many a Twitter users criticized the selfish behavior of the kid for not receiving his desired version of WWE game.

Stay tuned for more update on WWE 2K16.