The World Stands Against Russian and Iranian Aggression Protesting

Aleppo was in all media during last days. After seeing the horror and desperation of the massacre, the question that strikes many people now is who is next? “What if next cities to get bombed are Kiev and Lviv”, ask themselves Ukrainians, who came to protest over Russian aggression in Syria to RF embassy this morning. What country is going to be next aim of the “saving the world from terrorists” operation of Russia or Iran, while no force would be able (or willing) to stop the massive killing of civil people?

The wave of protest actions spread all around the world. On Wednesday night about 7,000 people were carrying torches and banners “Save Aleppo” and “Stop the killing” in Copenhagen. Despite sub-zero temperatures, they came to the streets of Danish capital to protest against the actions in Syria.

A few hundred people marched in Paris, while the lights of the Eiffel Tower were switched off, indicating support for the victims of Aleppo operation.

Turkey actively shows its support, calling for Assad to go. Yesterday more than 1,000 people gathered outside the Iranian consulate in Istanbul, and today up to 800 people participated in the demonstration outside the Iranian embassy in Ankara. With chanting “Aleppo is the world’s shame” protestors went towards the Russian embassy.