World of Warcraft Movie Trailer Leaked, WOW Legion Release Date Remains Unsure, And More

This particular expansion will be coming to us quite soon but the real question is how long fans should wait before they actually get their hands on it.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, at Gamescom, World of Warcraft Legion was the primary center of attraction which took place in Cologne, Germany. There is a great diversity of players that include veterans, new players and all of them are in for a treat. The entire experience should be more than awesome for the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing game.

IGN declared that the previous installments in the World of Warcraft franchise are probably the key elements to the success of this particular game. Legion is being considered to be the future of this franchise, but we have to decide whether this is strongly correct.

The new Mercenary Mode is available in Warcraft and players with extended queues for unrated battlegrounds and Ashran can speak with a special NPC that will allow them to queue as a member of the opposing faction in case they choose to do so.

Once the queue pops, the player’s race will be changed from their natural race to one of the opposing faction. The mercenary has been destined to act as a normal member of the hostile faction.

The feature was actually designed to get players into PvP quicker than having to wait for long periods in a queue. In other news, the latest introduced patch adds the ability to fly and also changes our time on Draenor.

Stay tuned for more updates on World of Warcraft!