World of Warcraft Movie Trailer Leaked, WOW Legion Release Date Remains Unsure, And More

From the looks of it, the Warcraft movie trailer has leaked and it is currently flooding the internet like a Scourge invasion. The video-on-video quality appears to be quite low but it is still worth watching every seconds.

Furthermore, this video does look like the real one. The footage was shared on the Romanian server and you better use the Google Translate App if you don’t speak Romanian. The video that was posted appears to have been recorded from a computer monitor using a mobile phone.

Keep in mind that it has watermarks all over it. In spite of the less-than-theatrical quality, if you love Warcraft and anything involving, you will be definitely struck by the hunger of watching this in Full HD. The trailer appears to be pretty action-packed and comes with all the might-and-magic involved CGI slugfest that you should learn to expect from a Warcraft movie.

That being said, the trailer appears quite Orc-centric in terms of what has been shown but we do get a good look at the human faction as well. WETA is involved and therefore, you should also expect some practical-looking armor along with impressive effects.

As a result, the end-result shouldn’t look like an over-charged video game setting. It could end up being the most epic movie that has been based off a video game but making it look hyper-real will definitely add to the appeal.

There are many people who are wondering whether this is real, a hybrid or fan-made or maybe a part of their imagination. When you compare the armor in this trailer with the armor that was shown in San-Diego Comic –Con, it looks pretty similar. You should keep in mind that this story is based off the real Warcraft games and not the massively-multiplayer time-consuming title, World of Warcraft.

At the San-Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that this is an origin story which shows how the Alliance and Horde factions came to life. In case you have been following the Warcraft games, you will notice that the central plot revolves around orcs and humans involved in a massive campaign known as First War.

In the original Warcraft game Blackhand, the orc warchief leads his armies against the Kingdom of Stormwind and the Heroic Knight Lothar. Clancy Brown and Travis Fimmel play Blackhand and Lothar respectively.

You will also get to see Robert Kazinsky as Ogrim Doomhammer and Toby Kebbel as Durotan, who are the two most iconic Orcs in the Warcraft lore. According to IMDB, Gul’dan is also making an appearance.

He will be playing a significant role and the former orc shaman-turned-warlock eventually turns into the Leader of the Horde faction of orcs and gradually spreads the light of the Burning Legion via Azeroth.

As a result, this opens up major plot points in upcoming films. If you carefully look at the scenes from the released trailer, Gul’dan makes an appearance as well.

The trailer has been rumored to release sometime in November and will most likely coincide with BlizzCon. If you are not aware, this is a major video game showcase that depicts everything Blizzard.

In case you wish to see the leaked ones, it’s out there, so check it out here. Meanwhile, the Warcraft movie is all set to release in 2016 March. World of Warcraft Legion is the newest upcoming installment in the Warcraft franchise which Blizzard has made quite successful to the day.