Winds Of Winter: Stannis Is Alive, Perturbed About HBO Writing Their Own Story And Plans On Publishing Before Season 6!

Winds of Winter has aroused a lot of interest. The book will reveal the fate of Jon Snow and Martin himself has said that he has inserted a very interesting twist about an old character in the upcoming book. He said that the fans will go crazy when they read it, but he loves what he has done.

This comment by the author has started speculations and there are talks that Martin has again killed off a favorite character. However, all Martin is saying is that the readers have to stop getting too attached with the characters and have to force themselves to grow out of it.

Even though Martin had promised fans that he will be cutting down on his public appearances and focus only on writing and had skipped the San Diego Comic-Con, he has been making a lot of appearances elsewhere and this hasn’t been going down too well for the fans. Martin has addressed this issue and has informed the fans that he has attended his last conference this year at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Martin said that he is being too optimistic about the release date of Winds of Winter, but he is hoping of getting it out prior to Season 6 of Game of Thrones. Fans are sure hoping he delivers this time.

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