Winds Of Winter: Stannis Is Alive, Perturbed About HBO Writing Their Own Story And Plans On Publishing Before Season 6!

With no news about when Winds of Winter will be released, fans of the book are satiating their need for news from the blog of author George R.R Martin. The author has been regularly updating his blog to release scoops from his upcoming novel.

There are a lot of speculations about which characters George R. R. Martin will be killing in the upcoming novel. Since he is a master of killing of characters without any trace of emotion, fans are dying to find out the fate of some of the primary characters in Winds of Winter.

A Dance with Dragons hinted at a possible death of Stannis Baratheon, but when asked by a particular fan what’s his fate is in Winds of Winter, Martin did not think twice before answering that he is alive beyond doubt in the upcoming book.

In the HBO adaptation of Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire, called Game of Thrones, the season finale of the fifth season showed Brienne swinging her sword at a wounded Stannis. The viewers were under the impression that Stannis might not be alive when Season 6 of Game of Thrones returns and this doubt was confirmed by David Nutter, the director of the series.

By the looks of it, HBO has decided to deviate from the plot of the novel. Whether this move is to make the plot line more suitable for the television audience or whether it is because of the slow pace of the author, is something that is yet to be found out.

HBO is already done with five seasons of their show based on Martin’s novel. They are scheduled to release Season 6 in April next year and with Martin not giving any concrete information about when the sixth novel Winds of Winter is going to be published, HBO has decided to pen down the sixth season on their own.

Geekwire has reported that Martin has accepted the fact that the television series isn’t going to be following his plot line anymore. Yes, he is a little perturbed about the fact that the popularity that his novels have gathered thanks to the successful HBO series is going to be hampered, but he has given in.

Martin has already said on interviews that he is writing a 1,500 page novel while the Game of Thrones scriptwriter is working on a 60 page script. He said that worrying about the fact that HBO is going to be telling a story different from his isn’t going to speed up the process, so he has to stop thinking about it and get to finishing the next sentence.

A Dance with Dragons was released in 2011 and since then fans have been earnestly waiting to find out what’s going to happen next and now they feel that George R. R Martin is stretching it too far. He has also realized the fact that his fans aren’t amused anymore and had promised to cut down on all his public appearances to concentrate only on finishing Winds of Winter.

He had previously been writing one episode for Game of Thrones every season, but he hasn’t done that this time round, since he wanted to concentrate on finishing Winds of Winter. Martin had also said that he wouldn’t be there at the San Diego Comic-Con this year since he had to work on the novel.