Winds of Winter: Martin Working on a New Project, Predicts Hugo Awards and Plans to Work on Eight Books, More Details

There is no news yet about when the fans can expect the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. For the fans of the series it been a long wait since A Dance with Dragons was published and they are running out of patience. The author George R. R. Martin hasn’t yet given out any deadline within which the book can be expected.

In an interview with Observer, Martin had informed that the ending for Winds of Winter is going to be very similar to the ending of J. R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series. Martin said that Tolkien as a writer has had immense influence on him and he believed that a similar bitter-sweet ending would be perfect for Winds of Winter as well.

The Specs has reported that Winds of Winter might have a rather horrifying ending with most of the characters dying in the most gruesome manner. Martin is well known for killing his characters ruthlessly and in terrible ways and fans will not be surprised if that happens yet again.

This comments has caused a lot of speculation among the fans who are trying to figure out who will gain the victory in the end of the novel and why will it be a bitter sweet one. With no news of Winds of Winter hitting the book shelves fans have to satisfy themselves with mere conjectures about the plot-line.

George R. R Martin knows that his fans have been waiting ever since 2011 for the sixth book and he knows that they are running out of patience. He had promised his fans that he will cut down on all his social commitments and stay at home and make sure that he keeps the writing process going on in top speed.

This commitment had come in right before the San Diego Comic-Con and fans were hopeful that Winds of Winter might be announced shortly after that, but at the end the fans were only met with disappointed. Martin missed the Comic-Con, but he is yet to complete his Winds of Winter and he is again globe-trotting and making social appearances.

Martin was very popular in the literary field ever since the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire was released, but he became a global icon only when his novels were adapted for the television by HBO in their Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones became an instant success and Martin became a celebrity overnight. He has been flying all over the world taking part in panel discussions and premieres and he had confessed that he isn’t able to work on his novels when he is on the go.

He needs to be at home and on his table to get his creative juices running. Martin had said that Winds of Winter will be up for the Hugo Awards next year and if that is to happen then Martin will have to finish off with Winds of Winter by the end of this year.

There are reports that George R. R Martin is now working on a new project called the Outlanders. This news has caused speculations about whether Martin has finished his work on Winds of Winter. While this has excited the avid lovers of the series, some are skeptical that Martin might have stalled his work on Winds of Winter to focus on this new project.