Winds Of Winter: Martin To Read Out A Chapter, Speculations Galo, And More

There are also several speculations about Varys and the High Sparrow being is some sort of an agreement. Fans speculate that Winds of Winter will reveal that the two have been working together all along.

The High Sparrow heads the Faith Militant also known as the Sparrows and they are gathering a lot of power in Kings Landing. They imprison two queens and kill Kevan and torture the King’s Guard. The High Sparrow was seen in both, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons and it looks like Varys is the one who is behind him.

Fans believe that when Varys disappeared, he was wearing the clothes of a Septon and he is likely to be hiding in King’s Landing. The High Sparrow is adept in making ties with the nobles and working them for his benefit, something that Varys is a faster of, and Winds of Winter will reveal that he is the one who is teaching the High Sparrow these secrets.

Winds of Winter is also likely to reveal Aegon Targaryen. It is believed that Young Griff is Aegon, whom Varys had shipped away to escape Gregor Clegane. With Martin not being forthcoming about Winds of Winter, fans will have to wait.