Winds of Winter: Martin Still Not Certain About The Deadline, Denied Rumors About Benjon Stark and Jon Snow, More Details

A Dance With Dragons ends with King Tommen Baratheon secure, while Stannis might have been defeated with Ramsay Bolton in Winterfell. With Stannis out of action, in all probability, Daenerys is going to head to Westeros in Winds of Winter.

Daenerys has reduced Meereen to a wreck and there is a huge war brewing Slaver’s Bay. On the other hand the Winds of Winter will see the Lannisters in complete wreck. Cersei is completely disgraced and this book will see her face a trial by combat.

George R. R Martin has said that he will put in a lot of importance on Jon Snow’s life. The upcoming book will have Jon ambushed by the men at the Night’s Watch and he falls down unconscious.

Fans have asked Martin whether he will kill Jon, but the author has been very tight-lipped about it and this has caused fans to speculate that Jon will be paralyzed, but he will warg his mind onto his direwolf, Ghost.

There’s going to be some exciting new developments in the plot of Winds of Winter when it comes to Arya, Sansa and Tyrion.

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