Winds of Winter: Martin Puts An End To Rumors, Misses Comic-Con, And More!

Martin had previously announced that he will not be attending the San Diego Comic-Con as he needs to work and finish the Winds of Winter. He had, however, created some rumor that he is ultimately going to attend the event since he shared a photo on a social media site. This had further fuelled the rumor that he was done with Winds of Winter.

Even though the cast and crew of Game of Thrones was there at the Comic-Con 2015, Martin was absent from the event. He later wrote on his blog, ‘Not a Blog’ that he had to skip the even this year as he was behind schedule and he had to catch up on his work.

He said that HBO had all the actors representing Game of Thrones and they really didn’t him to be present there. Martin added that he missed not being a part of the gala event, but he feels that the experience of the event has changed for him. He can no longer roam around freely and buy old comic books like he used to previously.

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