Winds of Winter Likely to Release in 2016, Martin Teases Fans With an Excerpt, And More

Martin is known for killing off favourite characters and looks like Winds of Winter is going to follow the similar route. The author teased that he had come out with a plot twist that fans would not be happy with, but he finds very interesting. He has said that fans need to learn how to let go of characters.

There’s uproar when Martin kills off characters, but he is unfazed and is determined to force his readers to grow out of situations.

George R.R Martin told ET that he had thought of some exciting twists that will shock and fans. The shocking twist involves three-four characters and Martin said that unlike the GoT where some decisions have been made about these characters, Martin is free to manipulate them still.

With Game of Thrones Season 5 days away, fans all over the world are super excited. This season will see Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) and Hodor absent in action. Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, had let it slip at the end of Season 4 that his and Bran’s story has come to a temporary halt.

When fans had asked Martin if they would see Bran in Winds of Winter, Martin answered in the affirmative, without giving any more clues or information about the plot line.