Windows 10: Security Measures Revamped, Gradually Increasing Its Share in Global OS Market!

The fall in market share of these older versions of Windows is natural as more and more people are upgrading to the fresh Windows 10. The fact that Microsoft no longer provides any support or assistance for Windows XP is resulting in people finally doing away with the once immensely popular version of Windows.

Microsoft Edge, the brand new default web browser of Windows 10 has also become extremely popular among users. Microsoft Edge replaced the traditional Internet Explorer web browser that was found in Windows versions prior to Windows 10. Reportedly, more than 44.5 billion minutes have been spent by users on Microsoft Edge till date.

The number of questions that has been asked by customers till date to Cortana, the virtual assistant of Windows 10 has reached the 2.5 billion mark.

The Vice President of Microsoft’s Windows Division recently stated that the company is both excited and humbled by the incredible response for Windows 10 by customers.

The latest version of Windows will become a recommended update on many devices in the beginning of the new year. The upgradation process is expected to start automatically on a variety of supported devices.

Stay tuned for more update on Windows 10.