Will Smith’s Crazy Antics On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon Plays Jinx With Margot Robbie, Snapchats Martha Stewart

Margot Robbie was joined by Nick Cannon. While Harley Quinn is going to be on the show to promote her upcoming show, Nick Cannon doesn’t have anything to promote. The 35-year-old actor/ rapper has been in the news lately since his ex-wife, Mariah Carey has graced the cover of Complex Magazine.

Nick Cannon is back in the new season of Wild N’ Out, and it is going to premiere on the 4th of August. Nick Cannon has been actively promoting the series, and he appeared on Fallon’s The Tonight Show to spread the news of the upcoming season. Nick Cannon sat down to chat with Jimmy Fallon and even convinced Fallon to become a part of the show.

Jimmy Fallon had also called Martha Stewart. Given that she is a big television personality when it comes to cooking and culinary delight, the fans of The Tonight Show were excited to find out what Fallon had in mind.

Jimmy Fallon took to Snapchatting Martha Stewart’s segment on The Tonight Show. He said that since all the kids were on Snapchat these days, he wanted to give it a try. The segment saw Martha Stewart and Questlove cooking a zucchini recipe from Stewart’s new cookbook, Martha Stewart’s Vegetables.

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