Will Smith Takes Son Jaden for Premiere of Suicide Squad, Jaden Celebrates His 18th Birthday, Will Condemns Donald Trump’s Outrageous Statement

Will joked about asking Willow Smith to learn to lie and has even asked her to stop sharing information with him, preferring that she go to her mother to talk about certain things.

Will Smith and wife, Jada, are particular about giving Jaden and Willow the same freedom and not discriminating by gender. Will Smith and his wife don’t believe in punishments either. Their view is that if the kids have done something, the action needs to be explained and justified.

Jada had once advised Jimmy Fallon not to pry information out of her daughter. She advised him to wait so that her kids open up to him on their own. This builds trust and strengthens ties.

Will Smith has come out to condemn Donald Trump for his manner of addressing women in the public. Trump had recently referred to one woman as a fat pig and according to New.com.au, Smith said that his grandmother would have smacked his teeth out if he had ever referred to women in that fashion.

He found it appalling that Donald Trump could get away with something like that and would even get an audience that would clap and cheer him on.

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