Will Smith Takes Son Jaden for Premiere of Suicide Squad, Jaden Celebrates His 18th Birthday, Will Condemns Donald Trump’s Outrageous Statement

It’s been quite a while since Will Smith has graced the big screen, and his fans are super excited to have him play the role of Deadshot in Suicide Squad. Smith looked dapper during the premiere of his new movie. He wore a black suit at the Beacon Theatre premiere last night and was accompanied by son, Jaden Smith.

Just Jared reported that Will Smith had shared an anecdote about his son recently. He revealed that Jaden Smith had invited his family to join him in London to celebrate his 18th birthday.

Smith said that whole family was excited, they thought it was sweet of Jaden to want to celebrate his birthday with his siblings and parents.

What Will Smith wasn’t aware of was that Jaden Smith had a plan up his sleeves. The moment they were seated at the restaurant Jaden ordered tequila, and when Will Smith inquired about what was happening, he quipped that the drinking age in London is 18 years.

Will Smith was recently spotted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, making four entrances. Yes, you read that right. He wasn’t happy with his first entrance and felt that his fans needed something better.  Four entrances later he sat down to chat with the show’s host, Jimmy Fallon.

When Will Smith first entered from the backstage, he was introduced as one of the best actors on the planet by Jimmy Fallon while the audience gave him a standing ovation. Will Smith felt that his audience deserved a better entry and hence went back only to come out in a human hamster wheel.

However this didn’t satisfy Will Smith, and he decided to make another entrance with a troupe of disco dancers while showing his killer dance moves.

The audience thought that this was the best that they would see but they were clearly wrong. Will Smith went right back and came out on a white horse that had a unicorn horn, with a red carpet being spread out for him. There was confetti and a gospel choir.

Jimmy Fallon got talking to Will Smith about his upcoming film Suicide Squad. He  informed the audience that the movie was brilliant, and so was Smith.

The topic then steered towards Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s parenting. Jada and Will Smith have been open about allowing their kids to grow up as they want to.

The two of them have allowed the children to be completely free and open with them since their childhood. While the kids have continued to be open with their parents, Will Smith added that as the kids are growing, there are certain things that his daughter Willow Smith tells him that he doesn’t want to know.

Will Smith and his wife devised something called the Circle of Safety where the kids were encouraged to share everything with their parents, not fearing any consequences. The kids were encouraged to talk about every aspect of their life, including the bad things that they might have done.

Since they were in the circle of safety, they couldn’t get in trouble for the things they said, and they wouldn’t get punished or scolded for it.

However, if the kids didn’t open up about certain things and Will Smith and his wife would find out about it outside the circle of safety, then the children would have a hard time.

Will Smith joked that even at 15-years, Willow Smith is still sharing everything with his father inside the circle of safety, and he joked about being uncomfortable in certain situations.