WhatsApp’s Changes To Its Privacy Policy 2016

While a large portion of us get this sort of information by means of a text message or phone call, they want to check whether it can be the application for you to get every message you need in one spot.

You may likewise get a marketing message with an offer for something that might interest you, but you ought to still abstain from getting third party banner ads. Indeed even along these lines this appears like a strong move considering WhatsApp’s past position of being free from advertising.

WhatsApp turned out to be part of the Facebook gathering of companies in 2014, but the company’s updated terms and privacy policy indicate nearer coordination.

Numerous eyebrows have collectively ascended at WhatsApp’s arrangement to share your phone number with Facebook. The company says that this will track how often people use its services and battle spam.

How to opt out?

In the event that you don’t want your phone number to be shared with Facebook you can opt out when you agree to the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the app. But in the event that you have as of now agreed and didn’t opt out you can uplift the permission. You have 30 days from when you agreed to the updates to do it.

To do this in the app go to Settings, click Account, Share My Account Info and click Don’t Share.

New users will need to accept all the updated conditions.