Watch Dogs 2 Will Come with DirectX 12 Support, Likely to Hit the Market Before March 31, 2017!

He stated that dealing with the flaws and making sure that they do not re-appear in the second game is quite a challenge for them. Apparently, the technologies that will be used to develop the game were not available during the time Watch Dogs was developed.

All being stated it should be pointed out that AMD’s announcement that the game will be more optimized for AMD hardware might not turn out well for the game in the long run. As was seen in the case of the first game, Ubisoft’s tie-up with NIVIDIA did not go end well for it.

Experts fear that AMD’s announcement could mean that the game is actually more-suited to their hardware and will not yield the desired result on NVIDIA GPUs. If indeed that turns out to be the case, it will definitely not be a good thing for Ubisoft or rather Watch Dogs 2.

While there have been no specific announcements regarding its release date, it is expected to hit the market before March 31, 2017. Online video game retail giant GameStop has even listed the game for pre-orderin its website. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are listed for the pre-orders.

It is being assumed that Ubisoft will come forward with more news regarding the game during this year’s E3 which is scheduled to be held in June.

Stay tuned for more update on Watch Dogs 2.