Vikings Season 4: Trailer Reveals Spoilers, Ragnar Set to Die, Lagertha Rumored to Have an Important Role!

This hints that Ragnar is set to meet his death and very soon. In the trailer for Vikings Season 4 Ragnar says that he knows that power is dangerous and one sees the problems with power the more one has it. He adds that he embraces the idea of death as snakes start to surround him.

The second trailer for Vikings Season 4 has Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) in it where she too embraces the idea of death. She says that the Gods had talked about power being dangerous, but that danger is everything. Her fate had been written by the Gods, its either victory or Valhalla.

Lagertha had tasted power in the last season of Vikings when Ragnar kept her to rule Kattegat in his absence and she isn’t ready to let go of that power. Michael Hirst informed Design & Trend that Lagertha is set to have a very interesting plot this season.

He refused to talk about it because it was completely unexpected and he might end up saying more than he should. He added that Lagertha’s role will be as important as that of Bjorn and Ragnar in Vikings Season 4.

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